Can I start over?

November 15, 2016

Sin no more?

I was thinking the other day about Jesus words in the gospels: “go and sin no more.” Obviously, it’s not really our desire to keep on sinning. My mind started to wonder why Jesus would make such a statement. That’s like asking a drunk to stop drinking. People who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, fill in the blank, are normally ashamed of where the addiction has taken them. Many have lost their families, friends, jobs, and much more.
So, what’s up with Jesus statement? If I said to an addict: “hey, you should stop doing that or you will ruin your life!” My experience tells me that my advice/statement wouldn’t be received with a warm welcome. Yet, Jesus words were not rejected. In fact, they were received on good fertile ground. So, now I have to know…what did Jesus words mean that my words didn’t? (more…)

November 14, 2016

Leaving behind your mistakes

We all remember the infamous “do over” as kids. Backyard competition or practice is very familiar with the shouts of DO OVER from the field or court. It’s our nature to want success every single time. We never leave on a bad shot…always a good one. Somehow, all is right with the universe if we “connect” no matter how many do-overs we attempted. 


November 7, 2016


There is a difference between knowing what we should be doing and actually doing them. In fact, when we move from thinking and knowing we should to thinking, knowing, and acting on the “I must” we destroy mediocrity

Jesus actually modeled this behavior. We constantly read in the gospels Jesus’ “I must”  words.

When we move from “I should” to “I must” we become champions.”

Jesus said:

I must” be about my Father’s business.

“I must” preach the kingdom of God in other cities.

“I must” journey today, tomorrow, and the day following… (my mission)

“I must” go to your house today (speaking to Zacchaeus)

“I must” work the works of him who sent me.

I think you see a pattern developing, right? There becomes a place where your must stops listening to the excuses and recommendations of the noise around you. That place is in the mission of the “I must.” I must defines the difference between those who plan and those who let life plan them. I must describes those who pray more often, cling to the commandments of Christ, and know “their God.” It’s those who do great exploits because they know their God and they have an “I must” mission that the Holy Spirit is using. 

Write down your “I must” today. Do you have one? Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to change but mediocre thinking has always won that battle. Rise up and take authority over that stinking thinking. You have the Spirit of God inside you. Lay down your comfort and ask God to give you the strength and courage to make changes. He is looking for the brave and the available to do more today. Will you be available? Will you hear and receive your “I must?”